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Child custody and visitation / child relocation / child support

Of all the issues to be decided in a divorce, child custody is the most anxiety producing. Our role as a parent is core to our identity. What will happen if we don't see our child every day? How will we maintain a close relationship? And how is this difficult decision going to be made?

Whenever possible, it's best that this decision be made by the parents themselves rather than a family court judge. Cranston child custody lawyer Steve A. Robinson can help you and child's other parent arrive at a mutually agreeable child custody agreement and a detailed parenting plan without resorting to family court.

If an agreement cannot be reached, then he will put his trial court experience to work on your behalf, making a strong case to protect your access to your child.

What is the best interest of the child?

There are several types of custody: legal custody, physical custody, shared custody and variations of each. If the custody decision is going to be made by a family court judge, he or she will look at the "best interest of the child." Several factors become part of this decision:

  • The child's relationship with each parent and with other significant people
  • The age and needs of the child, emotionally, physically and educationally
  • The child's preference regarding which parent he or she wishes to live with (taking into account the child's age and maturity)
  • The ability of a custodial parent to support the parental relationship of the other parent.

Child support

Determining child support is relatively straightforward and follows Rhode Island child support guidelines, unless there is a reason to depart from those guidelines. Ask Mr. Robinson about how the state guidelines apply in your case.

Child support can and will change over time as circumstances change and if state guidelines change. You may wish to talk to Mr. Robinson to see if your child support order has kept pace with changes in child support law. You may be eligible to receive more or to pay less child support than you are paying now.

Put experience on your side in a Rhode Island child custody case

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