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Family law deals with sensitive emotional and financial issues that can affect your life for years to come. Let a trusted Cranston family law and divorce attorney guide you through the legal process, providing experienced, compassionate and effective representation for all family law matters.

Attorney Steven A. Robinson understands the unique challenges of Rhode Island family law. With more than over 30 years of experience in family court, he can handle any case, no matter how complex. He is skilled in both negotiation and litigation. Contact our Cranston law office to schedule a free initial consultation with Mr. Robinson.

Rhode Island divorce

Dissolution of a marriage in Rhode Island can be uncontested or contested , involving issues such as:

  • Separation agreements ― Protect your rights and interests until a divorce has been accomplished. A separation agreement typically addresses temporary support payments, who will be responsible for debts, who will live in the home, temporary alimony and child support and temporary custody arrangements.
  • Property division and spousal support (alimony) ― If divorcing parties cannot come to an agreement on spousal support, then a family law judge will decide.
  • Child custody and child support ― We help parents negotiate parenting and visitation agreements and understand how child custody will affect the child support they will owe or receive.
Learn more about how to choose the right divorce attorney for you. Other family law matters

  • Modification of court orders ― When there has been a substantial change in circumstances, the court can modify existing child custody, visitation and support orders. We can protect your interests.
  • Paternity actions ― Attorney Robinson assists parents in acknowledging paternity and protecting important visitation, custody and support rights, or challenging paternity.
  • Adoption ― We assist clients with private, interstate or international adoptions and handle adoptions by stepparents, grandparents or other family member adoptions.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements ― We draft these agreements to protect your separate assets should there be a divorce.
  • Orders of protection — If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can get protection from the court. We can help. If you are accused of domestic abuse, an order of protection may be entered against you in court, which will dramatically change your life. You need legal defense.
  • Appeals of prior court decisions that you felt were unfair and improper.

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