Cranston Probate Attorney

Guiding you through the process of Rhode Island probate

It's unfortunate that probate must follow so soon after the painful emotional loss of a loved one. At the law office of Robinson & Robinson, Attorneys at Law, we work to ease the stress of probate by guiding executors and beneficiaries through the process.

Most designated executors have rarely if ever probated a will and know little about the probate process. Cranston probate attorney Steven A. Robinson has over 30 years of experience guiding people through the probate process in Rhode Island. He can assist you with the following:

  • Having the will admitted for probate with the appropriate Rhode Island Probate Court
  • Developing the best strategy for fairly and expeditiously probating the estate
  • Finding and collecting assets
  • Closing and opening bank accounts
  • Transferring assets from the deceased to the estate
  • Paying estate taxes
  • Locating beneficiaries
  • Hiring experts, when appropriate
  • Probate litigation because even in apparently straightforward probate cases disputes can arise between beneficiaries and executors or among beneficiaries

Valuing and managing the estate

We can help you obtain expert opinions about unique assets such as antiques, rare books, automobiles and other collectables.

Helping out-of-state executors through probate

For executors and beneficiaries who live out of state, one of the benefits of working with a full-service probate law firm like Robinson & Robinson is the security of knowing that every detail will be handled properly by someone who knows the local courts and community. We can handle the arduous process of collecting, managing, valuing, protecting and liquidating the assets of the Rhode Island estate.

Other estate services

Our firm also handles the drafting of wills and trusts to ensure an orderly transfer of assets. We assist families seeking guardianship of an elder or disabled family member who cannot adequately care for himself or herself.

Contact Rhode Island estate lawyer Steven A. Robinson

Our probate law firm serves clients throughout Rhode Island. If we can help you with a probate matter, call Robinson & Robinson, Attorneys at Law at 401.785.3400 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.