Cranston Restraining Order Lawyer

Protecting people from abuse or false charges of domestic violence

Our society has become increasingly attuned to the reality of domestic violence. The courts have made it easier for a battered spouse to get protection from their abuser in the form of a restraining order. You can file for an order for protection and receive a restraining order quickly, without the abuser being in court. That initial restraining order is in place for 10 days, after which time a second court hearing will be held and the judge will consider whether to issue a permanent restraining order. (A permanent order lasts for one year.)

If you have been the victim of domestic assault, your safety is our first and foremost concern. Call Cranston restraining order lawyer Steven A. Robinson at 401.785.3400 for prompt help bringing your request for a 209A restraining order to court.

If you then choose legal separation or want to file for divorce , or need help with a child custody case, he can represent your interests in family court. Mr. Robinson has over 30 years of family court experience. No case is too complex.

Defense against false charges of domestic abuse

It is relatively easy to say there has been domestic assault and to obtain a restraining order. The "injured" party files an affidavit with the court outlining the harm they suffered. The judge reviews the affidavit and grants a temporary restraining order, along with instructions on when to reappear in court. All this is done without the accused being present.

If you have been served with a restraining order, take it seriously and take action IMMEDIATELY. A court date will occur within 10 days. This is your only chance to prove your innocence and/or to argue that a permanent restraining order is not needed.

A restraining order can have a significant effect on your work and personal life. If you are currently involved in a divorce or child custody case, a domestic abuse charge can impact the amount of marital assets your spouse receives as well as the decision regarding custody. Don't miss this opportunity to defend yourself.

Steven A. Robinson is an experienced trial court attorney who has handled many cases like yours. He will fight to prove the claims of abuse are false and to minimize the negative outcomes of a domestic abuse charge.

Experienced legal help with domestic violence and restraining orders in Cranston, Rhode Island

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