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Division of marital property - spousal support - child custody

The issues you need to decide during a divorce are the most difficult you will ever face. It's understandable that it can cause conflict and uncertainty. If division of marital property, child custody arrangements and the possibility of spousal support are up in the air or in conflict, contact the law office of Cranston, Rhode Island contested divorce lawyer Steven A. Robinson.

For over 30 years, Mr. Robinson has been representing clients in negotiations and in litigation in family court. No matter how complex your Rhode Island divorce case, Mr. Robinson can help you arrive at a resolution of the issues. If you think the divorce will be amiable you can also look into divorce mediation.

  • Marital property division – Almost every divorce will involve the division of marital assets and debt. Conflict can arise when determining which assets are marital assets, when the value of an asset is contested, and when one partner acts irresponsibly during the divorce and "wastes" assets that should be divided.
  • Spousal support/alimony – In Rhode Island, either spouse can petition the family court judge to receive spousal support. The judge's decision to award alimony will depend upon the length of the marriage, the reason support is needed, the income of the parties, and other factors.
  • Child custody and child support – Mr. Robinson has taken many child custody cases to trial in order to ensure his clients achieved a satisfactory child custody arrangement. His appellate work in the area of de facto parenting helped to define the laws of the state.

Rhode Island common law marriage

Rhode Island allows for common law marriage – you are married by virtue of living together and holding yourself out as a married couple. The difficulty with common law marriage occurs when a couple later chooses to divorce.

  • Did both parties understand themselves to be married?
  • When did the "marriage" begin?
  • Which assets were purchased during the common law marriage?
  • This is another area of law that Mr. Robinson has brought forward on appeal.

    Domestic abuse

    In a hotly contested divorce case, it's not uncommon for charges of domestic abuse or harassment to be made. If domestic violence has occurred, a restraining order (209A) may be needed to protect the victim. On the other hand, false charges of domestic violence require an immediate and aggressive defense.

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